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The reason why the internet won’t replace the book, although it holds a great convenience and high efficiency, is that books can bring people a particular sense of reading, which are inner peace and the connection with the knowledge.

The attitudes students have towards their high schools

Recently, a survey has been done for the aim to comprehend the attitude of high school students towards their schools. For the sample of Hang Zhou No.4 international school, students indicate various attitudes, for some of them demonstrate positive approach, whilst, others emerge unsatisfied emotion.


Student Jeremy, from As D, claims that the school-life is insipid. Jeremy is a fanatical football fan, and always spend a great quantity of time playing it. “The student union used to hold football games once a month,” Jeremy indicated “however, as the schools want to improve the grade of students, they cancel a plenty of club classes and move teacher to other academic classes. Once start to prepare for the entry examinations for the universities, we were told that we need to allocated time on study as much as possible. It is evident that diligent study is significant, however, we can’t be like a learning machine. Although obtaining a good grade to enter a wonderful college is vital, we need time to practice our own hobby.”


Another type of student’s attitude is relatively positive compared to others’. Brooks, form AS A suggest the opinion that he can get improved by overcoming the challenge. The schools give a bunch of time to the students to do self-study. Students need to be comprehensible about how to what they need to learn and how to allocate their time. Furthermore, the decisions such as the subject they want to major, the career they want to do in the future should be fully planed by themselves. “ The truth is I learn how to control myself from the lures of video games and other stuff ,” Brooks claims “I think I finally grow into mature and can get the future road for myself.”

What will the world look like in 20-100 years

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